Home Impact Top Spring Home Improvements 

As we settle into Spring and begin to approach the festive season, here are our Top Spring Home Improvements that will create a clean and fresh space ready for home entertaining. 

 Clean outdoor cushions and furniture

It can be easy to forget about cleaning outdoor furniture and cushions during Winter as we spend limited time outside. It can be easy to clean these items with safe products which have low cost ingredients such as enzyme-based stain remover and warm water. Using chlorine and bleach can easily remove stains on outdoor cushions and fabric. 

Build a veggie garden

One of the best things about growing your own food is knowing exactly what you’re eating and what has gone into your vegetables. Growing your own food can save between $300-$1000 a year and growing vegetables without pesticides and chemicals can help the environment in so many ways. 

Create space for an outdoor kitchen

Creating a space to enjoy with friends and family, cooking, eating and socialising outside is a great way to enjoy Spring.  In an indoor kitchen it can become crowded because of the limited space. With music, lighting and more room your guests can be comfortable and have more fun entertaining. 

Build a birdhouse

As temperatures begin to warm up, take advantage of the different spices of birds that will come into your backyard. Building a birdhouse can be easily built by upcycling old materials, these may include old mailboxes, and basic tools. 

Overall, moving into Spring, there are many ways to improve your home and enjoy the warmer months. By creating a space that can be enjoyed with friends and family, you will be able to take advantage of your home improvements. 

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