The Home Impact Design Philosophy

Home Impact prides itself as a family owned business with a reputation built on quality, care and value. We understand that building a home is extremely personal; we ensure that our team invests the time to understand the client’s needs and our experienced team has been meeting these for over 40 years.

Our conceptual design philosophy is at the core of our business and it’s something that has helped our clients rest easy knowing that even the small details are taken into consideration.

Focusing on every detail

It is extremely important to focus on every design detail with a range of aspects. These may include focusing on connecting smaller scaled designs with nature, rather than large scale spaces that take up a lot of room. Our strong knowledge of local council laws and the close collaboration with construction teams ensure fast council approval is ensured throughout the design process.

Good quality design detailing and craftsmanship

Producing our designs with care and quality ensures our clients are able to spend less in the long run. Our graduates of Architecture will guide you through the design phase and our experienced team will bring your ideas to life.

Removing concern throughout the design process

We understand that the thought of knocking down your home and beginning from scratch can be daunting. With a transparent design and development process we ensure every detail of your dream home is put in place. While staying within your budget, your investment is in the safe hands of our quality-driven construction team.

Creating a harmonious space

We want our clients to walk through their homes and feel a sense of calmness, once this is felt, you have achieved harmony. This can be done with the help of our interior design team who will assist in helping you choose an overall style or theme for your home and helping continue this throughout your whole space. One way to achieve this is by choosing a similar colour palette throughout your entire home. This may be a range of 3-4 colours.

When you’re considering redesigning your home, know you are in safe hands with our experienced design team. The pressure will be taken off as our team focuses on every small detail, ensures our designs are of high quality and craftsmanship, removes the concern throughout the design process and creates a harmonious space for your forever home.