Home for the Holidays!: 4 Ways to Ensure Your Space is Christmas-Ready.

It’s the Season for entertaining. What better way to spread holiday cheer by opening your home to friends and family for Christmas celebrations. This time of year provides the perfect opportunity to decorate your home to feel festive, clean, and declutter moving into the new year. Here are 4 essential ways to ensure your home is in the spirit to make memories.

  1. Deck the Halls

Begin by embellishing your surroundings with iconic Christmas adornments like wreaths, garlands, and sparkling lights. A tastefully decorated home establishes the holiday ambiance by creating the perfect background for festive photos. Down Under we tend to spend Christmas day outside with the family enjoying the sunshine and Prawns, so be sure to decorate the backyard. This could be a great opportunity to utilise Australian native plants as table decorations. 

  1. Barbecue and Alfresco Dining:

December being the very first month of summer we tend to move more outside to enjoy our meals. BBQ’s more than ever become the centre of celebrations. Arrange outdoor seating for a festive barbecue or Christmas meal. Consider using colourful tablecloths, napkins, and cushions to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. 

  1. Outside Entertainment

Entertaining outside it’s important to ensure that outside timber decks and gardens are tended to. This could be getting out the water pressure washer and re-staining the timber to refresh the space before the festive season. If you have a pool consider floating Christmas decorations or LED pool lights for a festive touch. Inflatable Christmas-themed pool toys can add a playful element for all ages. 

  1. Stock up on the Essentials 

 To avoid any last-minute stress, make sure your home is well-stocked with essentials. Double-check that you have an ample supply of drinks, including festive beverages for toasting. Ensure your bathroom is stocked with essentials like toilet paper, hand soap, and fresh towels. Having these basics in place will allow you to focus on enjoying the festivities rather than worrying about running out of necessities

By putting in a little effort to deck the halls, create a welcoming atmosphere, plan a delicious menu, provide entertainment, and stock up on essentials, you’ll ensure that your home is Christmas-ready for entertaining. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space where friends and family can come together, share joy, and make cherished memories during this special time of year. So, let the festivities begin, and may your home be filled with the Holiday spirit.