5 Interior Trends For 2023 

As we have reached the year’s midpoint, let’s take a glance at some of the interior trends that have significantly impacted the marketplace. Drawing inspiration from the trends observed on Pinterest (you can follow us HERE!) We have witnessed 5 key trends across interior decorating in 2023, check out them below. 

  1. Art Decor & Accessories

Achieving a thoughtful and timeless interior hinges on contrast. Aim to find harmony by adding decorative pieces. This could include vases made from different materials such as glass or ceramic, and coloured tableware in the dining room. For the living room and your bedroom, this could be through incorporating differently shaped tables and chairs made from different textures to achieve contrast. Shopping and embracing vintage decor not only allows you to create a more individualistic and eclectic space but also promotes sustainable practices by giving new life to pre-loved items

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Flow 

After spending so much of our time indoors during the pandemic, we have seen across many of our builds clients beginning to embrace Large-surface windows and modern glass walls that can be left open or closed depending on the weather conditions and allow for natural light and entertaining areas. Clients have also embraced maximising their outdoor spaces to be utilised any time of the year and ultimately merging indoor and outdoor spaces into one. 

  1. Experimenting with Colour 

Using multiple colours across your home walls can create a brand-new atmosphere in the space. This also can be an opportunity to experiment with warm and cool-toned paint choices and decor pieces. Paints typically with a warm undertone reflect best in a space. Vibrant hues and eclectic combinations could bring energy and personality to interior spaces. Additionally, Experimenting with colour can help highlight architectural details or design elements in your home. For example, using a contrasting colour on trim or molding can draw attention to architectural features, adding character to the space.

  1. Pieces That Have a Story 

Linking back to decor and accessory pieces for the home exploring vintage shops and op shops can be not only a fun day out but you could come across the pieces that you have been looking for to fill the space. Furthermore, you could explore Facebook marketplace where you can find some items at a more cost-effective price if you are working within a budget. This can allow you to unleash your creativity and begin a new DIY project. 

  1. Technology Integrations 

As technology continues to advance, smart home devices and integrated tech features may become more prevalent in interior design. Home automation, smart lighting, and voice-controlled systems could be incorporated seamlessly into living spaces. This has become beneficial for homeowners allowing you to turn on heating and lighting from an app on your phone. 

These trends have undoubtedly influenced the way people curate their living spaces and brought forth exciting changes in the world of interior design.