8 ways to make your Bathroom Look, and Feel, Bigger!

1. Keep your colours light & bright 
One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious is by using lots of white or light neutral tones. Whether it’s white tiles, white paint, or a white vanity, the use of white can be instrumental in giving your small bathroom that open feel. Why? White will reflect available light rather than absorbing it, so the more light there is in the room, the more it will open up. Not to mention, bathrooms will attain white features (tubs, vanity, toilet), so by using white on the walls, floor, and ceiling, you are creating a seamless look, naturally making the space look and feel bigger.

2. Not into white and bright? Go Dark! 
If white/ light tones are not the vibe you’re going for in your new bathroom, use the same tiles on your floor and walls to create depth and gives the illusion of a larger space. In this case, the main thing to remember is to use the same tone colour on the floor and walls. This eliminates the distinction between your wall and floor and can give your bathroom a more harmonious look. Try to use plain tiles over heavily patterned ones.

3. Use a floating vanity 
In a smaller bathroom space, the challenge can often balance the desire for freedom with the need for storage. Enter floating vanity. The floating vanity gives you lots of room to store your things whilst freeing up floor space. This lets more air and light pass through, naturally allowing the area to feel bigger. 

4. Mirror mirror on the wall 
Mirrors create the illusion of depth and space, and a handy trick when working with a smaller space. Whether it is mirroring a wall, using a big mirror, or incorporating multiple mirrors into your bathroom, all options are a great way to open up space. If you are renovating a bathroom with a window or skylight, place the mirror in a location that will reflect the natural light to saturate the entire bathroom.

5. The importance of Natural Light 
Natural light is essential not just in a bathroom but throughout the whole house. However, not all homes will face north and will naturally open to the light. Putting a skylight or window into your bathroom will increase the amount of natural light in the bathroom, creating a sense of airiness space in a potentially small space. If putting a window or skylight in is not in the budget or not possible, use brighter lights to open up space and light the dark corners. 

6. Opt for a Glass Shower Door
Shower curtains were very 90s; it’s time to upgrade. Naturally, a shower curtain will create a false wall, making the space feel smaller and darker. Putting a glass shower door in your bathroom will open up space, making it look and feel more open, whether you are inside or outside the shower. If you prefer more privacy, use frosted or tinted glass, which will allow light to filter through when you are in the shower.

7. Add shower & bath niches 
We all have bathroom/ shower essentials – whether they are our shampoo & conditioner, body wash, or shower brush. These products are our essentials; they don’t look great sitting on the shower floor, clog up space, and making space feel smaller and messy. Shower niches are not only visually attractive to the eye but incredibly practical as well. If your budget allows it, we highly recommend spending the money to install a shower niche. You won’t regret it! If you want to take your shower niche to the next level, add a little backlight to the niche. This will bring depth to your bathroom, making it feel longer and more spacious.

8. Go easy on the decorations 
Decorative pieces are a great way to fill a living room, or a bedroom corner, however in a small bathroom, they can often lead to clutter, and you guessed it, making a room feel small and overcrowded. Consider thinning out the number of items you have in your bathroom and keeping it minimal. Your main objects should be your towels and bathroom essentials (toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner). If you want to open the space, keep your necessities tucked away in your vanity.