Our Favourite Bathroom Trends Right Now

With a lot more time spent in our homes and less travel over the last few years, we are starting to see a trend towards more spacious, more luxurious bathrooms that represent more of a 5-star hotel than your classic bathroom. In this blog, we pulled out our top 5 trends that we see right now.

1. Back lit mirrors 

Backlit mirrors are a great way to bring a modern flair to a bathroom design. It creates more ambient and soft lighting, creating a focal point or creating the illusion of a floating mirror. Consider adding a dimmer to adjust the lighting throughout periods of the day. 

2. Double Showers 

With people choosing to create more space in their bathrooms to enjoy a bit of luxury, people have been opting for more space in their bathrooms, which only means one thing – double showers! Whether you’ve got limited time and need to shower simultaneously as your husband or wife, want a choice of showerheads, or just like a little more space, double showers are quintessential of luxury if you have the area. 

3. Coloured basins 

Bathrooms tones are often kept in a fairly neutral colour palette. Adding a coloured basin, or two if you have the space, is a great way to create a focal point in your bathroom and bring a little bit of colour to the area. Consider choosing your basins last to ensure the colour palette works. 

4. Freestanding bath

A freestanding bath adds an immediate element of luxury to your bathroom and your home. Over the last few years, some incredible freestanding bath designs that are almost artwork within themselves have come out. If you choose the right one, your bathroom can become not just the focal point for your bathroom but a beautiful feature of your home. 

5. Smart Toilets

They’ve been around forever, however we are starting to see smart toilets become a much more common thing in modern bathrooms. Smart toilets are not always the best looking feature, however can definitely bring an element of sophistication to your bathroom design, and will be helpful in those times where people are panic buying toilet paper.